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  • Power Predictor

    Power Predictor Ltd sells the award-winning green energy assessment tool, Power Predictor. Everyone wants renewable energy, but how to make it happen? Which technology works best? How much sun/wind/thermal energy is available at my site? How much will it cost / return on investment? What is my positive carbon impact? Power Predictor is the first and only product on the market able to answer all these questions at very low cost with very high accuracy on a technology-independent basis. By providing accurate, site-specific data, the Power Predictor avoids costly mistakes that many have made with unqualified installations. It also unlocks the mass market by connecting the crowd with renewable energy systems. Global data from over 20,000 existing sites confirms the Power Predictor has the capability to deploy 2 million installations that, over a 5 year period, represent energy production greater than $1 billion and vastly offset carbon. Measuring the actual natural energy resources present at any location on the planet, the collected data is processed in our web-based application providing detailed and accurate reports. Why measure? Of our 20,000+ users globally, 5000 have been through the full cycle of measurement and product selection. These customers represent: - 5,353 MW of electricity generation capacity - Savings worth around $0.5million in terms of energy produced per annum.- Around 3 metric tons of carbon savings per annum compared with conventional power generation.    Our customers range from home owners to large corporate groups, manufacturers of renewable technologies, educational establishments and governments.

    Investment required £250,000

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  • iPower Energy

    iPower is a Scottish based social enterprise working across the UK to address climate change and fuel poverty by making renewable energy affordable for all - not just the better off. We do this by using innovative financing solutions that remove the need for up-front capital. We use familiar technologies (such as solar PV) but are also working alongside the manufacturer of the first small scale fuel cell, BlueGen, which has been designed for the domestic and small business market. The size of a washing machine, BlueGen operates by converting gas to electricity directly in your home or business, offering the highest energy efficiencies in the market and greatly reducing CO2 emissions. It is clean, safe and operates 24/7. Our main markets are social housing and the commercial sector. We are in early revenue stage having project-managed a number of large-scale solar PV installations and secured our first fuel cell contract with a Berkshire Housing Association.

    Investment required £200,000

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  • Big Blue Cuddle

    Big Blue Cuddle is an online store for children’s clothes which supports children’s charities and introduces new brands to the UK market. The store provides a platform for original children’s fashion and a destination for people interested in buying individual children’s clothes, but also supports children’s charities by donating a significant share of the product sales.     Thanks to the discounts we receive from our suppliers, we are able to achieve a gross product margin of 65% which, in turn, enables us to donate 15 to 50% of what customers spend to charities. It's a perfect win/win/win situation, where:   1. Customers discover new brands, buy great clothes which are truly different and have the satisfaction of having donated to charity without spending anything extra. 2. Charities receive funds that can make a big difference and raise awareness about their causes among their target audience. 3. Brands are introduced to the UK and build a reputation with the public as a ‘good’ brand.      Big Blue Cuddle has been trading on a tiny budget since November 2010 and now collaborates with 30 childrenswear brands. The amazing positive reaction to our unique concept from customers, charities, suppliers, journalists, business experts and investors along with our market research, indicate that, with the right investment, there is huge scope for growth for Big Blue Cuddle. 

    Investment required £65,000

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  • Fresh2o

    Fresh2o (Europe) Ltd is represented by Candice Farmer and is involved in the global sales development of innovative and ground-breaking portable water purification devices – also known as point-of-use (POU) water treatment systems manufactured by US company Sawyer Inc. The Company is a Special Purpose Vehicle for funding purposes, representing its partnership with Fresh2o Sawyer Ltd, a global distributor and its Corporate Social Responsibility partnership with the celebrity water foundation     At Year three of operation, the Company will generate some £1.3M of sales with earnings (EBITDA) of £255,000 by achieving sales of its innovative water filters. The Company has not sought any funding previously and is eligible for SEIS tax relief.

    Investment required £50,000

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